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[When you finish watching this, you can see Part 2 here: [link] !]

Some text may be shaved off the sides in this movie. This is down to the strict sizing rules here, my apologies for that, in the 'true' version it's all visible. It's quite easy to figure the text out anyway. Sorry about any inconvenience! ^^;

Well, here it is. After four months slaving away (With not much to show for it, actually :D), I have finished Super Robot Wars SWF. It's a Super Robot Wars-based, random, bizzare little thing involving some characters from the following series:

Gundam Wing
Macross Plus
And the SRX Team are in there too.

Not every character has been included, and not every character gets enough screen time (Something I really regret, but this thing was simply getting too big). However, I've tried to make it all at least a BIT interesting.

Size: 350 x 300 px
Filesize: [Part 1 Only] 8.01MB
Length: [Including Part II] 15-17 minutes.

Now for the Long, Boring Production Notes:

The golden rule here is: Don't ask. Pretty much everything was done off the top of my head, inspired purely by SR/RR anime. Beams coming out of nowhere, shields that have no reason for being, bizzare health drinks that turn people crazy and more - There are no answers. I'd just be making them up! It's inconsistent, lazy in some parts, some things don't make sense, and it's all offensive to the eyes and ears, but... It's finished! Huzzah!

There may be a few spelling errors here and there. If you actually notice one, award yourself 100 points and a biscuit! Then you can let me know if you wish.

I've tried to keep the plot at least barely understandable for Mecha Anime fans, but if you aren't into that kind of thing, or aren't into it quite far enough to get this movie (You're lucky, believe me), it might miss you completely, you have been warned! Then again perhaps it's a nice little movie in itself, I'm honestly not sure!

This movie is long, somewhere between 15 and 17 minutes long in fact. It reaches the Flash Animation frame limit (Something a lot of animators don't even know exists) just after the end of Part 1. Therefore, you'll have to go over to my Gallery and load up Part 2 if you want to see the ending.

This was created with Flash 5, with bits and bobs created by me in Photoshop. The sprites were all made by Banpresto ([link]) for their Super Robot Wars games (As you know!), and the music, with the exception of 'Mission Accomplished' from Gundam Wing OST 1 was all created by Banpresto. In other words, if you like what you see and hear, go and let them know!

A big thank you to Amaterasu of Destiny3Fates [link] for letting me use the sprites he had spent a lot of his time acquiring. Couldn't have done it without them! Thanks again! ^^

Thanks also to the websites who provided images for backgrounds, space and other things.

A note on the credits, everyone who'se name is there deserves credit for some reason. If you dropped a comment on SRW Christmas Special, or have been keeping me sane while I was making this (Or if I just feel like putting your name down), you're there. If you want to be removed, just let me know. If you're not on the list and feel you should be, again let me know! :D

Well I think that's about everything. I guess it's time to think about my next Flash project (Something I will draw myself because I'm fed up with sprites now :D).

Bye Bye! ^^
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yurestu Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
nice and is destiny3fates down? or is it now available in my country?
LightningLord3 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2011
GB Shell - Do Not Open Until Alpha 3

vandalgion Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2010
AWESOME,you made an excellent video.
Sanatukai Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2010  Student Digital Artist
that was friken long....still is pretty awesome!
Flyerscurse Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Dude!!!!!!! that was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You already heard that, but it was amazing.
mega7986 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2009
anyone have the gundam wing sprites from destiny3fate's sites coz the site wont work
Aruseme Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2009
(laughing) Because everything fails in Evangelion.
VnyX Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2008
The funniest thing is when Roy (in part 2) said something like 'upside down Aussie' :lol: :lol:
Where did you get those sprites?
Icerobot Featured By Owner May 25, 2008
That was great. SO much of this was just fantastic. Shinji's "congrats" moment made me laugh myself to tears. xD
Fri-Freeman Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2008
Wo... Woah!

That was EPIC! EPIC!

I'm a fan of all of the series featured there, so it's like a 15 minutes fanservice, hahaha.
ColonelBen Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2008
Being a SRW fan i have to say i enjoyed this very much. You did a great job Congrats.
GenitalSniper Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2007
Oh God awesome!
reidge Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2007  Professional Interface Designer
true villains drop colonies :rofl:
GreatOneRay Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2007
I lawled good and hard.

I think the Gunbuster Shell was my favorite part.
tiemar Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2007
Awesome flash! Did you happen to save any of the sprites? Destiny3Fates is dead, I think. D:
tiemar Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2007
The website, I mean. x_x;
zeraato Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2007
dude ive been a super robot wars fan since i was 15 man!!! as far as i've been playing SRW, this is by far the most brilliant piece of work ive seen done for it^^ omg +fav!!!! im recommending this to everyone i know ^^
Antwon-Silvere Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2007
Hahaha, I love it.
Fylk Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2007   Writer
I really wish I could find those sprites.
MyHeartisanOpenBook Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2007  Hobbyist Writer

Isamu! Roy! Ryuusei! Rai! Yum!

LMAO at 2-D rotation! And what an entrance by Gunbuster; Ingram got inazuma kick'd And poor Heero.
pinksighs Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2007  Professional Interface Designer
wow, amazing job! i fan of mecha anime and this is really funny for me!
poor heero, specially, jajajaja.
:+fav:! and watch the second part!
russetwolf13 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
I loved that. I'm vaugely familiar with Macross, and I grew up watching Gundam Wing. Heero is such a moron, but I love it when he blows things up.

Trowa commenting on the way those Evangelion guys plans never work was priceless, PRICELESS.

The A.I. plane realizes it's only 2D! I knew that damn thing would realize something like that. That little robot plane is such a bastard.
JDX-00X Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2007
whoops i mean Gaiguyguard( i don't know the name but i am pretty sure the7thSamurai knows.

I luv SRW make more I would've loved to see more made(add Shin Getta Robo and Mazinger next time around)
JDX-00X Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2007
I must be lucky i need some sprites as well your flash inspired me to make one myself so if you can send me the url for the sprites many thanks, I watch this pretty much all the time on NG also your newest one with Daizenguard was cool as well(but you should've informed them that was a remix of a song for the mech series Daigenguard)
CrazySunshineHikaru Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2007
Haha, I barely get this, for I'm only familiar with Eva, Gundam, and Macross, but even still it's funny. Took forever to load, though. *shall go watch part two shortly*
yen-cid Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2007
hey this is awesome but exactly how did you upload a flash in deviant art??
LinkinaTank Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2007
crap he realized he's a 2D sprite
lol, yays to breaking the fourth wall
MY GOD i wanna play these
azntensai Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2006
very very creative! best flash ever lol.
no jokes w/ seishin abilities? =T
the7thsamurai Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2006
that was good, except Mac 7 was awesome as hell
genredleader Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2006
Awesome! Just awesome! But I'm confused... If you're going to call Rick, Hikaru, shouldn't you also call Lisa and Gloval, Misa and Global?
Resak Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2006   Filmographer
Aha! Good point, that. I've always known 'em as Lisa and Gloval even in Japansese, so that's why they snuck in there.
genredleader Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2006
Heh. Funny. Just asking though. I know there's a lot of hard core Macross fans that'd kill for the mere suggestion of Robotech on anything Macross related. Thankfully, though, I'm more of a Robotech fan than a Macross fan (I agree with Roy, blame 7!). :p
kenshi-refluxed Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2006  Hobbyist Writer
it's taking forever to load..
GugaSenpai Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
HOLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O_O!!!!!


This is so... XD AwwwwX3

I like it
ScaryPotter Featured By Owner May 10, 2006
havnt you ever watched evangelion? yes but i'll be damned if i understood any of it!

... me too

^_^ +fav
Cecihoney Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Heey! that is truely awesome, loved the entire thing, where did you get the music? (mainly the one in the credits of part 3 :D ) been struggling to find SRW music for weeks O.O

Love the plot armor thing btw :P
Godaiger Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2006
AWESOME!!!! Great Flash!
wraith11 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2006
HA! That rocked! Particularly liked the duct tape comment :P One of the best flash animations I've seen here.
BTW, where'd you get the opening music, I've been looking all over for it...

Wraith 11
Resak Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2006   Filmographer
Thanks very much. :D The music is from the Super Robot Wars F OST, track #1 I believe. "Toki o Koete (Arranged)". I hope this helps you.
wraith11 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2006
Thanks, and no worries.

Wraith 11
Baefael Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2006
This was awesome. Come to think of it... Everything DOES fail in EVA. If you don't mind me asking, where did you get the sprites... I saw the site in the credits in Part 2... But I mispelled it and ended up accidentally closing the window.
Resak Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2006   Filmographer
I'm sorry to say that Destiny3Fates, the site hosting all the sprites, was recently destroyed in a server crash and something completely different has taken its place. If you'd like the link, it's: http:\\ but I don't think there's anything good there now.

On the other hand, you might bump into some sprites if you keep a look out for them online on SRW sites. I'm glad you liked the movie, thanks for your kind words! :thumbsup:
QuiGonJin Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2006
This is wonderful, I admire your flash skills, have you ever played Phantasy Star for Sega? This style of art kind of reminds me of it and the setup. However there is something about it that links also the feeling to watching the old Transformers movie, I just can't place my hand on it. I do however love it. Nice job, but there is a lot of reading to do, and some parts go really slow, however I suppose it's better to be able to read it through and have a bit of time left over then to have it go TOO fast so you can't read it like most subtitles do. Great work!!!!
Resak Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2006   Filmographer
Thanks very much for a great comment. I'm glad you liked it, and I actually share your view about the text speed, but to answer you simply: If I made it quicker, people would complain (Some people already have at the current speed :D).

I certainly have played Phantasy Star, and I think you're quite right. I hadn't thought of that link before.

Thanks again!
RocMegamanX Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I haven't yet watched Mazinger or Getter Robo. I probably wouldn't want to watch Macross, Gunbuster, or Evangelion. Those seem too serious for my taste. And so does Gundam. That whole war theme and no clear cut good-vs.-evil thing turns me off. The only true thing I like about Gundam is the robots. (Please don't hurt me, Gundam fans! I just don't like RR shows.)

I'll watch this when I get the chance.
redhygog Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2005
dude there is so much I envy about your skillz in flash now X3
Awesome work! and funny to boot ;3 dang im gonna show these to a few people!
love your stuff dude! X3
maxlefou Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So cool !!!! Well i'm not a big fan of mechas animes but this one is very cool !! +fav
studio-toledo Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
THUMBS UP! :thumbsup:
rossriders Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm familar to an extent with Gundam, namley Gundam Wing (also UC, and FC, not yet SEED), and Macross (really marcross plus), and watched a bit of Evagalion, that's about it, have yet to actually play Super Robot wars also.

None the less, this is a very well done, nicely put flash movie that gave me a few worthwhile momuments to honelsty laugh quite a bit :). I think overall you've done a very good job with captureing most of the characters in the context of making a bit of a parody out of this, at the same time going somewhere with it storywise.

And to be honest I wasn't sure what to expect, so it was better than i expected, my own thing is to maybe have some voice actors but heck, something can be said about just reading text as that's the case for some games even today, although finding good voice actors to mimic these guys' voices be it english or Japanese and sounding good would be hard to come by, I would think.

That aside, a kick ass job there :).
Resak Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2005   Filmographer
What an excellent comment, thanks Rossriders! As it happens, I agree with you about the voice actors. I would have loved to use voice acting, but I decided against it for two main reasons. One is that the filesize would be very much larger than present, and two is because people are bound to hate some voices, their favourite characters being portrayed 'badly' in their eyes (or indeed ears).

So perhaps I ought to go stalking the actual seiyuus for the next one. :D

Anyway thanks again dude!
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